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Even more important than expertise is trust. As someone who came out of the national security industry, I believe integrity is the foundation to finding the right coach, advisor and contracting assistance partner. Jennifer Schaus provides a level of transparency and active participation by her clients in each step of the process that is unparalled in the industry. She always puts her clients first, helping them not just win a particular bid opportunity before them but develop an ongoing methodology for repeated business. Over my 20 year career, I have met few true innovators like her. She has built an impressive network of partnering subject matter experts in proposal development to pricing to contract compliance. With a cradle to grave approach, Jennifer stays with an engagement through post-award and throughout the period of performance. Jennifer is generous with sharing her industry knowledge through her seminars and newsletters – she provides something to learn for everyone regardless of business size. 


I have worked with many Federal business and marketing professionals over the years, and Jennifer Schaus is one of the most knowledgeable, networked, energetic, and entrepreneurial ones in my experience. She has over 20 years of experience in the Government sector with a deep knowledge of the GSA/VA (Federal Supply) SCHEDULE as well as Federal sales and business development. She understands how the Federal Government works and what it takes to successfully market a business to Government Agencies. I strongly recommend that you work with Jennifer to increase your Federal sector business. 


I have worked with Jennifer for years, and proudly say she is in a small circle of my trusted federal government contracting advisors and colleagues. Jennifer’s knowledge of contracts, particularly the FSS/GSA SCHEDULE program is an invaluable asset, and her personable thoughtful approach to working with clients is apparent. She is an excellent consultant, takes the time to listen to the client’s needs, and helps educate firms on how best to use apply for, and leverage various certification and vehicles – as well as when not to. She is top of mind when businesses need help in these areas, as I know she always has the client’s best interest. She is an ethical and trusted partner, and excellent resource for any firm who needs some creative ideas and approaches to their US federal government contracting strategy. 


I have known Jennifer for over 25 years and I have found her to be one of the most professional, caring, intelligent people I have ever had the privilege to know on both a personal and professional level. She has been instrumental in helping me understand the complex US Federal government contracting sector. She has always been prompt and responsive to my calls and emails. Additionally, Jennifer is an incredible networker and this is evident in her long standing Government Contractors Soiree’s at The Kennedy Center. The room is filled with valuable contacts including over 200 contractors and the federal government agencies. I highly recommend working with Jennifer Schaus & Associates if you are interested in adding muscle or knowledge to your federal sector sales. 


Over the number of years it has been my pleasure to know Jennifer Schaus. I am thankful for her strong ethics, professionalism and knowledge of the complicated federal government contracting sector. As a self-made successful business woman, creative innovator and networking guru, Jennifer’s hard work is a priceless. She possesses an unmatched ability to see opportunities that others would miss and she has the vision to define a pathway to success for her clients. She naturally puts deals together pairing companies, people and capabilities. It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Ms. Schaus to anyone in or considering the federal government marketplace. 


I first met Jennifer in 2013 when were in the process of launching what is now Bunker Labs DC at Capitol Post, a local resource for Veteran entrepreneurs. Jennifer graciously extended her network and support to us without hesitation, and we have been so fortunate to connect with so many people here in DC because of her. Since we began, she has given her time to train and support to our local Veteran business community through office hours, presentations, and 1:1 mentor consultations. Jennifer is an excellent presenter on many topics impacting government contractors, in particular, GSA SCHEDULES. She cares about her clients and the local community and finds a way to inject her signature kind and supportive approach into an industry that can be challenging to navigate. We are lucky to have her in DC!  


Jennifer is a consummate government contracting professional. She is well known and respected for her networking events and also successfully helping business secure GSA SCHEDULE awards to grow their business in federal government agencies. I personally can attest to her deep knowledge of complex federal contracting issues and commitment to the success of her clients regardless of their size. Jennifer will go the extra mile to take care of her clients and add a personal touch. I highly recommend working with Jennifer and her team.  


I’ve known Jennifer Schaus for 5 years now and have been honored to have her as a panelist and an “Ask the Experts” counselor at our annual Veterans in Business Conference; as well as teaching classes for our small business clients at CBP. Her knowledge of the federal contracting arena, her professionalism, and her passion for helping businesses succeed are second to none. The services, training, and her signature John F Kennedy Center quarterly events are instrumental to advancing partnerships and personal relationships between industry and government agencies not only in the DC area, but nationally. In so many ways, Jennifer is a go-to person for any business – large or small - looking to strategically win contracts with the US Federal Government. It is my pleasure to recommend her. 


Jennifer Schaus is a well known and trusted resource for federal government contractors at any stage of the game. Because she is well connected, Jennifer brings an additional value to clients with her far reaching relationships. Jennifer’s deep experience and knowledge of the GSA SCHEDULE and government acquisition process is invaluable to clients, and will become increasingly important as the government pushes procurements to schedule contracts and GWACs. She is dedicated to educating people about competing for and winning government contracts - and her enthusiasm makes it a delight to work with her. 


Jennifer Schaus and Associates is a well known and respected entity as well as my “go-to” firm when my clients have questions about the nuances of contracting with the US Federal Government. Whether it’s how to get on a GSA SCHEDULE or the subtleties of establishing sub-contracting relationships, I have found JS & Associates provides sound, relevant and timely advice across the spectrum of government contracting. They also provide excellent support in developing and writing winning proposals, SBA 8(a) Certification, contract administration and more. Jennifer also host valuable events and seminars for the government contracting community which typically draw sell out crowds of over 200 or more attendees. If you have a question about any aspect of doing business with the government, you are in good, qualified and capable hands with Jennifer and her team. 


Jennifer Schaus is a well known entity in the federal government contracting community. She is well respected for her professionalism and sage advice on strategy and marketing. Her signature event is a valuable resource drawing 200 or more contractors and federal agencies. Chambers, associations, government, contractors and consultants look to Jennifer for creative ideas on advancing their goals, increasing membership, attendance, customers and teaming partners. A great resource with strategic relationships across the board, Jennifer Schaus is an instrumental player in Washington DC and federal contracting. I recommend getting to know her.  


Jennifer is the best "networked" person I know, always willing to share information, connections & offer precise, practical, logical and creative advice. I have worked with her, and leveraged her insight whenever I have a SCORE client who wants to do business with the Federal Government. Being a volunteer with SCORE (and having little to no budget to pay for substantial expertise), Jennifer never turns me away. Her management skills and many written recommendations (as highlighted in her LinkedIn profile) demonstrate her professionalism and mega-multitasking ability. In this town, there are many who espouse diversified knowledge. Jennifer Schaus is one of the few who can and does deliver.


Jennifer Schaus runs a highly respected government contract consulting business in downtown Washington DC. I have collaborated with Jennifer on several industry training webinars and videos. Her knowledge of the federal contracting arena, her professionalism, and her passion for helping businesses succeed are second to none. The services, training, and her signature John F Kennedy Center quarterly events are instrumental to advancing partnerships and personal relationships between industry and government agencies not only in the DC area, but nationally. In so many ways, Jennifer is a go-to person for any business – large or small - looking to strategically win contracts with the US Federal Government. It is my pleasure to recommend her. 


Jennifer Schaus is an invaluable resource for companies interested in doing business with U.S. Government. She is extremely knowledgeable and has assisted a large number of companies in navigating the federal procurement system. She and her firm are also leading experts on achieving GSA SCHEDULE for companies’ products and services. In addition to her consulting business, Jennifer hosts an ongoing series of webinars on the various aspects of government contracting. These webinars are very well attended and are a must for companies active or interested in the government contracting business. Our law firm had the pleasure of regular and ongoing dealings with Jennifer and have relied upon her for assistance on a range of matters. For these reasons, I highly recommend Jennifer and strongly urge anyone interested in government contracting to contact her.  


Jennifer Schaus is a very experienced, resourceful and well-regarded advisor to the government contracting community. She is a very successful businesswoman in her own right, establishing and growing a dynamic consulting firm that integrates a broad range of capabilities to provide customized advice to her clients. Jennifer specializes in assisting companies with GSA SCHEDULES, and through her firm offers a full menu of valuable services for government contractors – domestic and foreign. She is a creative marketer, event planner and constant networker. I have always admired her skill in building her own business base as well as her generosity in sharing opportunities with professional colleagues. She is highly professional, organized and is a great pleasure to work with.  


Having known Jennifer Schaus a good while before working with her, I already knew she was well organized, well respected and well informed about the government contracts business. After working with her, I am now quite impressed with her knowledge of the GSA SCHEDULE, her marketing skills with the government on behalf of her clients and the useful advice and observations she provides clients in her role as their business consultant. I’ll continue to suggest to my clients that they work with Jennifer simply because she brings value to companies.  


Jennifer Schaus is a highly impressive, well connected professional with a keen understanding of the federal marketplace. Through her consulting firm, she has amassed a strategic network of professionals who collectively help clients achieve their government contracting goals. Her “must-attend” valuable networking events draw sellout crowds of government agencies, contractors and DC professionals. Jennifer is a leader and a small business advocate, helping them navigate the cumbersome red tape of federal contracting. I recommend Jennifer Schaus to anyone interested in pursuing federal contracts and GSA SCHEDULE.  


More than ever, success in the Federal arena depends on finding someone with a combination of skills, knowledge, relationships, and experience, all of which are hard to find. However, one can still find all of these attributes in Jennifer Schaus. I first meet Jennifer at her successful & vastly popular networking event at The Kennedy Center for government contractors in 2009. Through this event and others, I got to know Jennifer and how talented and knowledgeable she was in the federal space. Her understanding of federal contracting (GSA SCHEDULES, contract vehicles & marketing) and valuable network make her a ‘no-brainer’ choice for any organization looking to enter or expand their federal footprint. I recommend Jennifer for my client’s GSA SCHEDULE contract needs, highly suggest attending her valuable events and getting to know this small business advocate.  


When clients tell me they need help with a GSA SCHEDULE, the first name I give them is always Jennifer Schaus. Some people might talk about being able to help clients navigate their way through the GSA maze, but Jennifer actually does so. In addition to her substantive work, Jennifer is one of the most well-connected professionals in the D.C. small business government contracting community. In addition to her running her own very successful networking events, Jennifer is constantly being recruited by organizations to cross-market events that are of relevance to the community. She might not know everyone, but everyone knows someone who knows Jennifer.  


When I have any issues related to federal government contracting or GSA SCHEDULE I turn to Jennifer Schaus. Jennifer is the pre-eminent expert on anything related to federal procurement. She is knowledgeable, strategic, creative, honest, organized and has deep experience and expertise. She communicates well with clients and always sets clear expectations regarding timelines and deliverables. Jennifer is an incredible networker who organizes regular valuable events that are well attended by a group of decision makers and influencers in Washington DC. There is no doubt that if you are looking for a resource and advisor for federal government contracting Jennifer should be the first person you contact and someone whose advice and guidance you can rely on.  


Jennifer Schaus is the go-to for all things government contracting in Washington DC. She is a savvy marketer and leader with creative ideas, yet very organized. Jennifer knows the industry and is well respected by the community. Her networking events are always well attended by government agencies and the private sector and are a true testament to her entrepreneurial spirit, execution and business success. Jennifer is ambitious while also taking time to help others, including several Veteran organizations. I recommend Jennifer for all things government contracting as well as marketing and events.  


I have known Jennifer Schaus for a few years and am extremely impressed with her professionalism and natural leadership skills. A true professional at all times, Jennifer is very knowledgeable in the government contracting sector from the agency level to being a known entity by most contractors in the DC metro area. Furthermore, she is excellent at connecting the right people for strategic purposes or to accomplish a common goal. Jennifer is a great marketer of her firm’s services and events; this shows in her reputable client list and also through the large turn-outs of quality sponsors and attendees at her workshops and networking symposiums. She is truly a dynamic leader who wins the respect of others through her integrity and unwavering desire to bring out the best in others.  


I have worked with Jennifer Schaus on numerous government contracting events with our law firm. Jennifer is a strategic thinker and a leader – she is a force to be reckoned with in this very competitive government contracting industry. Jennifer is a well-known respected figure, a true professional and a pleasure to work with. I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend Jennifer as someone who knows the business well, is a go to for GSA SCHEDULES, federal sales, and is well connected at senior levels of both government and industry. Her events are valuable, draw large crowds and the attendees always leave with good connections. I highly recommend Jennifer. 


Jennifer's networking events pull together government agencies, contractors and supporting organizations to provide an amazing service to those in our community. Her webinars, workshops and events show actionable steps for success in government contracting based on more than 20 years of government contracting experience. She is truly a GSA SCHEDULE guru!   


I am gratified to have the opportunity to submit my recommendation for Jennifer's esteemed accomplishments. I admire her wealth of knowledge in government contracting and GSA SCHEDULES and the valuable service that she has performed to educate and assist all who have gained significant guidance thanks to her efforts. She is noteworthy for her development of valuable events which have educated and guided government contracting community. In that role, I am impressed by her federal contracting webinars with have provided rich content covering various topics necessary for success in federal contracting.  


Jennifer is a knowledgeable and practiced resource in the world of government contracting. Her experience has made her an in-demand speaker for high-attendance industry events throughout the DC area for both US Federal Government procurement and international trade. Her extensive contacts in all fields related to government contracting make her an invaluable partner, as evidenced in her always well-attended Government Contracting events, informational webinars, workshops and networking sessions. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Jennifer and highly recommend contacting her to learn more about Schaus & Associates’ services. 


Jennifer is the go-to for all things government contracting especially her GSA SCHEDULE services and valuable networking events that draw professionals from both government and industry. The ultimate connector, In her Servant Leader style, Jennifer brings expertise with encouragement to advance the business of others.  


Jennifer is an industry leader in business to government (B2G) relations. She gracefully manages her own consulting firm - Jennifer Schaus [JS] and Associates, while concurrently holds a B2G networking signature event, for business and government leaders to connect. She successfully grew the networking platform and now serves 250 plus attendees every week at her quarterly/weekly event in DC.  As the founder and principal JS & Associates, Jennifer achieved a high valued brand in the government contracting sector. Her approach to business is based on mutual trust and openness, which is reflected in her incremental increase in the number of contracts JS & Associates has facilitated over the last 10 years. Jennifer is extremely tactful and embraces complexity and challenges with ease. With her access to an expansive network, Jennifer is able to execute any project that requires a high level of management detail, on time and within budget. I highly recommend her services to both government and private sector clients alike. 


Jennifer Schaus has been helping businesses market their products and services to the federal government for many years. Her knowledge and expertise in government procurement is unsurpassed. Since she is one of the most professional people submitting proposals to the GSA and other agencies, her clients get immediate attention from contracting officers. I always recommend Jennifer to companies who want to begin marketing their companies to the federal government. 


As an emerging small business owner with the aspirations to be successful in providing IT services to the federal government, I have found Jennifer Schaus to be an invaluable resource. Breaking into a new field- especially government-related- can be overwhelming, but with Jennifer on my team I was able to navigate the tedious requirements for doing business with the federal government. Her expertise has saved me countless hours of research that would have detracted from time better spent on business development and provided peace of mind that process steps were being completed properly and efficiently. Jennifer is so successful because of her own sincere passion to help her clients succeed. She believes in each one of us and works extremely hard to go over and beyond our expectations to help us accomplish our business goals. Jennifer has always responded very quickly with a solution or the contact for the solution when I have reached out to her for help. On top of her excellent customer service, Jennifer hosts the most productive networking events I have attended in the DC area. She has a vast network of clients and contacts who attend her events which make them a top priority. I highly recommend working with Jennifer- I am so lucky I found her.  


I refer all government and government relations professionals to Jennifer Schaus. I've known Jennifer since she began her innovative Kennedy Center Government Contractors Networking Events in 2009. The event has flourished with attendance well over 200 and great corporate sponsors. Because she knows just about everyone in Washington government circles, she is one of the most effective connectors in town. Jennifer is the consummate GSA SCHEDULE expert for those seeking to sell products or services to the government. Her impressive range of support services through her vetted partners makes Jennifer Schaus the go-to person for business to government services.  


While we worked together I was always impressed with Jennifer's professionalism and her deliverables. Over the years since, I have grown to admire her business and networking capabilities as well as her willingness to connect people - particularly in government relations and government contracting sectors. Jennifer is very good at what she does as well as keeping up with current trends in government contracting. She was brought on as an outsourced GSA SCHEDULE Manager and helped to navigate the various intricacies of this powerful yet complex contract vehicle. It has been wonderful to see her business grow and evolve. I highly recommend working with Jennifer and her company if your firm wants to tackle the tremendous opportunities within the government market. 


Jennifer Schaus is an intelligent, competent and passionate professional. Jennifer’s knowledge, integrity and professionalism enable her to provide valuable services to companies wishing to do business with the US government. She is considered a leader in the competitive government contracting and government relations industry. She is admired and well respected by her clients, peers and partners alike. Jennifer is known as the “go to” expert for government contract vehicles (GSA SCHEDULE) and government sales. Her Kennedy Center networking events draw over 200 Washington DC metro area professionals and are a valuable asset to her offering. I recommend Jennifer without reservation. 


Having a GSA SCHEDULE - or contracting vehicle - in government sales is critical for success. Over the last few years I have introduced many of my clients to Jennifer to assist them with their options for GSA SCHEDULES. Jennifer is a true subject matter expert when it comes to GSA SCHEDULE, government contracting and developing the right offering tailored for your business. Being based in downtown Washington, DC Jennifer is well connected and respected in the government and the government relations sector. Her networking events at The Kennedy Center draw over 200 professionals and are a value-add to any business person seeking teaming partners, subcontractors or building a solid network. These are the reasons why I recommend Jennifer.  


Jennifer Schaus is fantastic. She is a true professional. She has the talent to identify and grow business opportunities through her far-reaching network and her grasp of diverse market areas and offerings. Her professionalism and her resolve are immediately visible. Her knowledge of the Federal government, procurement, GSA & VA SCHEDULES and teaming is extensive. She has created a unique setting for government contractors and service providers to interact and conduct business at her well attended John F Kennedy Center Networking Events - one of the highest rated events in town. She makes things happen and is a pleasure to work with and recommend her.


Government affairs professionals' stock-in-trade is their network and their knowledge. I rely on Jennifer for both and she's never let me down. As "small town" as Washington, DC can be there are still a lot of people jockeying for decision-makers' attention. Jennifer's network and ability to move to the front of the line is superlative. Add that to her comprehensive understanding of government contracting and its easy to see why I and so many other can and do depend on her. 


Jennifer Schaus is fantastic. She is a true professional. She has the talent to identify and grow business opportunities through her far-reaching network and her grasp of diverse market areas and offerings. Her professionalism and her resolve are immediately visible. Her knowledge of the Federal government, procurement, GSA & VA SCHEDULES and teaming is extensive. She has created a unique setting for government contractors and service providers to interact and conduct business at her well attended John F Kennedy Center Networking Events - one of the highest rated events in town. She makes things happen and is a pleasure to work with and recommend her.


I met Jennifer through her GovCon events at The Kennedy Center. Her good reputation had preceded her so I had heard her name but had never met her in person. After attending one of her events, I followed up with her to hear more about her business. She is a very sincere person and a outstanding networker that truly does what she says and follows through - rare sometimes in this area. I find her very professional, truly bright and a great communicator. She is prompt with her responses and truly cares about others' business growth. Her knowledge of the government sector, GSA SCHEDULE, federal sales and executing high-value government related events in DC is impressive. She has been a great help to me in reaching out to that community. I consider Jennifer one of the best contacts I've made in the last two years. 


I have known Jennifer Schaus for several years and have recommended her to clients for her expertise in marketing to the government, GSA SCHEDULE contract vehicles and general business development. I have also attended her valuable networking events at The Kennedy Center which draw over 200 professionals from the DC metro area. Her knowledge of federal opportunities, market analysis and capture is unmatched. She is strategic and thoughtful in providing solid advice to her clients who span both products and services sectors. Her network of key officials makes her an asset to companies who want to capitalize on business opportunities in the federal space. I highly recommend Jennifer. 


Jennifer is a consummate professional who always exceeds expectations. Our firm has partnered with Jennifer as a leading expert in the government contracting industry to assist clients and prospects with strengthening their business models and company performance. We have co-hosted a number of events together and Jennifer always comes through with a fantastic forum. I highly recommend Jennifer for her event planning and government contracting expertise.  


The brilliant Jennifer Schaus has become somewhat of a celebrity in DC. As the self-made "queen" of business networking, she has been responsible for facilitating numerous productive business relationships throughout the region via her high-yield, high-class events at the Kennedy Center, and beyond. She couples these by creating intensive educational panels in other prominent venues to address pressing government contracting topics.  Her team consists of the best-and-the-brightest business developers and analysts. Under her guidance, they have personally mentored many aspiring corporations from mere wishes to major wins. Jennifer has developed specific expertise in helping her clients navigate the mazes of the GSA and the VA SCHEDULES - but has similarly assisted companies sell to nearly every cabinet level agency.  I was lucky enough to have her accept an invitation to be on a panel for a major conference I organized last year. Her thoughtful insights instantly won her recognition with the attendees. In fact, I often get compliments even today about how useful her advice turned out to be.  Like many of my colleagues, I am looking forward to working with Jennifer on many more important projects, and attending many more of her "royal" events.


I had the pleasure of working with Jennifer recently in preparation for and conjunction with a government contractor conference in the DC region. During that excellent experience, Jennifer demonstrated outstanding thought leadership skills for companies and individuals working in the government contract space, as well as an exceptional knowledge of all the applicable laws and regulations. I consider her a preeminent leader in the government contract field, and highly recommend her services for anyone looking for such guidance or professional assistance. It has indeed been a pleasure working with her.  


I have known Jennifer Schaus for several years and have attended her signature events at The Kennedy Center and other locations including art galleries and more - for the government contracting community. She offers high quality services such as GSA Schedule support, federal sales, training courses, event planning and execution - and more. Jennifer sets herself apart from competitors through her personal touch. She gets to know the attendees and helps to make a personal or professional introduction to facilitate future business. I highly recommend getting to know and work with Jennifer.  


Jennifer is a high-energy individual with an innate talent for pulling people together. She is a strategic thinker with a "rolodex" brain who is adept at connecting clients with opportunities for success. I appreciate her proactive mindset and her strong ethic when it comes to customer service. Her company's Christmas networking event at the Kennedy Center is not to be missed!   


Jennifer has a wide range of skills and talents. Her events are extremely well run and widely attended. Jennifer is always thinking about connecting people and has made great introductions for me over the years. She is a natural at BD in the government contracting space.  With respect to her knowledge of GSA SCHEDULES and audit support, she is the number one person I think of when I have a need or question. She has come to my rescue on several occasions no matter what time of day or night I called. In addition to all of the above, she is just an all-around great person to work with. 


Jennifer has been an extraordinary associate in quite a few endeavors in the Government arena with HYOD as well as product introduction for foreign interests. We rely on Jennifer for her knowledge of the players in this town as well as a sounding board as we approach new markets and opportunities - her array of knowledge and experience has been a boon to us. We find Jenn to be a ready asset and enjoy working with her when we have the chance; and we continue to recommend her expertise on a frequent basis.


For nearly 10 years, I have had the pleasure to know and work with Jennifer Schaus. Jennifer is a true professional who possesses years of experience in Government Relations, Event Planning and managing GSA SCHEDULES for leading technology, products and services organizations . With her extensive network, and knowledge of government contracting, she would be an asset to any organization who has an interest in doing business with the US Federal Government.  


When I met Jennifer I instantly knew she was an extraordinary person. She has an amazing ability to identify ways to provide value to others. In my business she has become a resource for actionable information and advice. She is very knowledgable about the government contracting space and truly cares about helping businesses in the space connect and build meaningful relationships. For these reasons, I believe Jennifer will be an extremely valuable asset to any business that is serious about growth.  


Jennifer Schaus is a seasoned professional truly driven to assist government contractors to realize their dreams!! She facilitates her efforts by providing expert training classes (I've been a participant), one on one coaching and outstanding networking events throughout the DMV!! I've had potential clients on several occasions ask me if I've heard of the Great, Jennifer Schaus. My answer is always "Who doesn't know Jennifer?" Her vast years in the Federal space have well prepared her to deliver exceptional service to her clients. The present and the future are indeed very bright for Jennifer and the customers she serve!!! 


I have referred Jennifer to my clients and have received very positive reviews of her work. One client said, "Jennifer added value from the first meeting" and "Jennifer's knowledge of the federal landscape is a real confidence builder." Personally, I found Jennifer to be bright and engaging as well as very responsive in requesting that she work with one of our clients. I highly recommend her and her work! 


Jennifer is an invaluable resource to the DC business community. The efforts she makes in bringing executives together in strategic networking along with her passion for supporting veteran business owners have solidified her as a “go-to” trusted advisor in the DC, GOVCON, executive community. Getting to work with Jennifer over the past few years has proven to be mutually beneficial. She has made many valuable introductions and seems to have a contact in every vertical: marketing, legal, financial… you name it, she’s connected! I say our relationship has been mutually beneficial, but that really fails to capture the level of respect and professional admiration I have for Jennifer. She has taken time from her schedule to make investments in my professional growth. It’s rare today to find someone who takes that mindset into their business interactions. I wholeheartedly endorse her to any organization, and look forward to attending more of her leadership focused events in and around DC. Keep it up Jennifer, I'm behind you 100%.  


Jennifer Schaus is one of the most savvy and knowledgeable people I've met in the world of federal contracting. She knows everyone in the business and attracts large numbers of people to her networking events. Her training sessions provide me with actionable information to expand my knowledge and business strategies. She is the only person I recommend my clients to for GSA SCHEDULE expertise. Her elephant like memory, honest and diligent service of her clients and warm personality make her one of the secret weapons of my business. I highly recommend Jennifer.  


I can not say enough good things about knowing and working with Jennifer over the years. Her expertise and in-depth knowledge of the Federal Markets from GSA SCHEDULE, FAR requirements, to DCAA audits is extensive and is always willing to impart that knowledge to her clients. I highly recommend working with Jennifer if you have the opportunity. 


Jennifer Schaus is highly knowledgeable in her field of US Federal Govt Market Expertise excelling in such areas as B2G Market Analysis and & GSA SCHEDULE assistance. Jennifer is capable of quickly understanding her clients' business models and matching the right personnel and effort to achieve results . She is a delight to work with and understands her clients' needs for having a real bottom dollar effect. I am privileged to be able to recommend Jennifer. 


Jennifer Schaus is one of our most valuable and trusted partners. She understands the nexus between industry and the U.S. Government and provides excellent advice on federal marketing, business development, and getting our clients onto the GSA schedule. Beyond that, her gigantic network helps us tap into the government marketplace.  


Jennifer is the perfect example of what a good business person should be, constantly looking for a way to connect people to each other. By doing this, Jennifer knows that the kind business gestures will create success for all. Jennifer strives to learn more about businesses she's unfamiliar with, and looks for ways to partner and continuously network. Its a pleasure working with Jennifer and I recommend her to anyone looking to grow their business or network.  


Jennifer Schaus is an excellent resource when negotiating the myriad details of the GSA SCHEDULE. She's an expert in her field, easy to work with, and gets results. Hiring her as our GSA consultant was a great decision, we'd do it again without hesitation.  


Jennifer has been an excellent resource for our company. She has great insight working with the government. Jennifer is smart, and is great with details and follow-through!  


Jennifer is a very talented professional, result driven, resourceful. She will connect you with the right resources, assuring always a customer satisfaction.
It is always a pleasure having her in my team. She gets the job done on a timely fashion. 


Jennifer is a very talented professional, result driven, resourceful. She will connect you with the right resources, assuring always a customer satisfaction.
It is always a pleasure having her in my team. She gets the job done on a timely fashion. 


Jennifer and I first met when she joined our government sales team, working out of our Washington, D.C. office. She had then (and has now) an exemplary understanding of all that’s necessary to be successful in selling to all government agencies (federal, state, and local); including GSA SCHEDULE contracting, as well as how to initially complete the GSA contract process. She takes it all a step further too with her thorough understanding of how to be successful with global marketing and sales. A pleasure to work with, Jennifer is honest and ethical to the highest degree. I highly recommend her for anyone needing sales and marketing assistance in the B2G and global arena. 


Jennifer works tirelessly to bring together businesses specializing in federal contracting and international contracting in the Washington DC area.Her efforts in her very productive monthly networking events assisted me to broaden clientele base and service providers. Her firms networking events pays especially strong attention to Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs. I strongly recommend Jennifer Schaus and Associates for future business development opportunities in federal contracting.  


Jennifer has proven that a bad economy does not mean you can not succeed in driving business growth. Her ability to help firms both small and large gain new business is nothing short of amazing.  I have been able to watch her grow and learn from the bottom up, how government contracting works and how to make the most of every opportunity provided. Now she is able to bring together teams to meet the needs of contract requirements that prove profitable to all involved.  


I have enjoyed working with Jennifer and have no problem recommending her for any company looking expand their reach into the government and/or international aid marketplace.  


Jennifer is a first class Washington based Security Industry insider with a deep understanding of Federal Government operations (particularly GSA SCHEDULE Contracting) and the sales and marketing challenges here. I would strongly recommend her based on her overall ability and reputation for delivering positive results to her clients. 


Jennifer Schaus was contracted by my company to manage our GSA effort and it was a tremendously successful engagement. She masterfully guided the process from start to finish, educating us along the way about how to protect margin within the guidelines of the GSA program. I was most impressed by her forward thinking as she prompted us to create the flexibility for future pricing and product adjustments -- very important for a reseller operating in a dynamic business environment.  Personally, I turn to Jennifer for her robust network within the Govt/DOD technology business community. If we need partners or a contracting means, she will be one of my first calls. I thoroughly recommend Jennifer to all of my professional contacts in the Govt/DOD space and enjoy watching her business continue to grow.  


Our company needed the consulting services of someone who understood the B2G market. We retained Jennifer's services and utilized her comprehensive understanding of the government sales process to improve our company's position in our market. Jennifer is dedicated to her client's success and I highly recommend her to anyone needing a B2G consultant.  


My company retained Ms. Schaus' services to enable us to navigate the documentation process required to complete the GSA SCHEDULE process. Jennifer provided us with the deep detailed knowledge in a consultative yet hands on manner. I would recommend Ms. Schaus' services to anyone looking for an expert who is easy to work with yet deadline focused and detail oriented. People who have been through this process know how important it is to get these documents right and Jennifer ensures everything is done correctly.  


Jennifer is an extremely dynamic person...a true thinker. If you are seeking a very strategic partner, look no further than Jennifer Schaus & Associates. She is a marketing guru who can help you further develop your brand and help you in your endeavor to succeed in the GSA arena.  


I contracted Jennifer to represent our firm when Fidelica's biometric product was mature enough to present to federal government prospects. Jennifer's extensive and impressive contact portfolio and stellar reputation created more opportunity than the firm could digest.  I would welcome the opportunity to challenge Jennifer again. If penetrating the beltway market is an aspiration, Jennifer should be on your short list.  


Jennifer Schaus is a consummate professional. She is knowledgeable about the federal government market, always gives honest advice, is a wonderful resource, and is very easy to work with.