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Please find our complimentary webinars below covering: 
Mergers & Acquisitions

LIVE Q&A Cafe: Mergers & Acquisitions - M&A

(December, 2021)

M&A: Understanding GovCon Novation Agreements

(December, 2020)

Navigating Risk And Compliance In GovCon M&A

(December, 2020)

Sell Your Gov-Con Business - A Practical Guide 

(December, 2020)

Legal Aspects Of An M&A Transaction

(December, 2019)

Basics Of A GovCon Business Valuation

(December, 2019)

A Framework For Due Diligence Of Data In A Corporate Transaction/M&A

(December, 2019)

Due Diligence Of Data Assets In Corporate Transactions/M&A

(December, 2019)

Top Issues for Government Contracts M&A

(December, 2019)

M&A In Government Contracts 101

(December, 2019)

Build Value Now - Cash Out Later

(December, 2019)

Growing Via Acquisition

(December, 2019)

Growing Via Change Order

(March, 2019)

Maximizing The Value Of Your GovCon Business

(June, 2016)

Mergers & Acquisitions In Government Contracting

(May, 2013)


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