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The US Federal Government marketplace is unique, in that there is a plethora of data publicly available.   The obstacle is that the data resides in disparate websites and is not always user friendly.  Additionally, Contracting Officers across various departments and agencies do not always use the same methodology when publishing solicitations.  


Our Market Analysis Data Report findings will allow you to be proactive and strategic in your approach..  We  search for both NAICS and key words that define your core business solution.  By casting a wider net, we will be able to provide you with relevant opportunities that have been misclassified or are part of a larger procurement. 


You will be able to answer key questions including:

                            - How big is the federal market for my solution?

                            - How much is spent across the departments for my solution?

                            - How much goes to small vs large business?

                            - How much is going to each of the set-asides?

                            - What contract vehicles are being used?

                            - How much is going through each contract vehicle?

                            - What are the top 10 opportunities in the top departments?


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