The US Federal Government is a unique marketplace in that there is a plethora of publicly available  data.  This data and intelligence can easily be used to drive your strategy by identifying direct procurement opportunities and potential partners for teaming, sub-contracting and JV (joint-ventures).

Use the below quick links to tap into the public data and build a pipeline of opportunities.  If you are seeking a custom report, please contact us for a Market Analysis Report.

Local resources offer training, mentorship and funding are available to businesses across the US.  Connect with the local PTAP, SCORE, SBDC and SBA office in your city.

PTAP - Procurement Technical Assistance Center;

SCORE - Small business education & mentoring;

SBDC - Small Business Development Centers;

SBA - Small Business Administration

Every US Federal Government Agency has an OSDBU, Office of Small & Disadvantaged Business Utilization.  This office is focused on helping small businesses 

Understand what the federal government is purchasing, who is in charge, when the purchase will occur, how it is procured and who the incumbent is.  Use this data to fuel your pipeline and market your solution to the specific opportunity. 

Public Law 100-656, The Business Opportunity Development Reform Act of 1988 amended The Small Business Act requiring agencies to make available opportunities for small, minority and women owned businesses.

So you want to be a sub-contractor?  First, understand who is winning the prime contracts across the US Federal Government as well as within each Federal Agency.  If it is a large business, these firms will most likely have a sub-contracting plan.    

The SBA publishes an annual scorecard to rate US Federal Government Agencies on how well they met both overall small business goals and by set-aside.  Agencies are also graded on direct contracts to small business and sub-contracted contracts (via Prime Contractors).  Leverage this data to reverse engineer your way into an agency that has the propensity to purchase from your demographic or find one who needs to increase their score.


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