Your First Rodeo With GSA - Don't Get Thrown Off! (1/14/19)

January 14, 2019-

About 20,000 companies hold GSA Schedules, the coveted dance ticket, but how did they get there? In theory they conducted market research to ensure their ideal customers preferred the GSA Schedule and had enough dollars running through it. They put together a proposal by project managing the process to ensure it was compliant and competitive. They answered GSA questions in a timely fashion and negotiated prices that hopefully left them some wiggle room for post-award bidding. After all, GSA rates are only price ceilings or not to exceed rates. Don't get thrown off by GSA pushing for greater discounts, prompt payments and other terms that will be detrimental to your business. Be cognizant of competitors rates prior to going into battle. Need help getting on, managing, renewing, modifying or other GSA Schedule actions? Contact us today.