Yes, Size Matters (10/29/2018)

October 29, 2018 - Most businesses playing in the federal sector are classified as "Small" as determined by NAICS Codes and annual revenues or headcount. The goal is not to remain small forever. As your business grows, you must be prepared for the associated "growing pains". As a large business, you will no longer enjoy the ~24% (direct) and ~36% (sub-contracted) set-asides.

Learn how to prepare for one of the biggest business obstacles in federal contracting with one of our complimentary webinars -- the "Small to Large transition". Large businesses have additional responsibilities with regards to sub-contracting, associated reporting and compliance, as well as establishing systems, processes and best practices for managing new relationships and no longer being part of "set-asides". Competing on a new field with the big boys on price, past performance, sales force, etc. can add a new layer of challenges and potentially be fatal to your business. Learn before your leap!