Sub-Contracting With The Top Vendors Per Federal Government Agency (04/23/2018)

April 23, 2018 - For companies interested in partnering or sub-contracting with the large Primes, be sure to narrow your search by (1) the agency - one or two - where you have the greatest propensity to win and by (2) the Prime Contractor that is most in line and complimentary to your offering. Not sure where to start? 1 - Visit the FPDS list of the Top 100 Vendors (overall and per agency) listed on our site. 2 - Register on the Primes website. 3 - Research the contracts the Prime has won (FPDS & USAspending). 4 - Research contract vehicles and pricing of the Prime. 5 - Customize a Capability Statement based on this info. 6 - Bring something to the table (ie. opportunity) when contacting the Prime. Check out our Resources Section with this information and more to help fuel your strategy.