Shake A Leg and Shake A Hand In Gov Con (10/08/2018)

October 8, 2018 - Happy Federal Fiscal New Year! It's time to get moving and position your firm for capturing contracts by strategic positioning - being in the right place at the right time with the right people. Shake the right hands.

The US Federal Government is a risk adverse buyer who prefers to purchase from known entities with demonstrated past performance. This takes persistence and time -- and is derived from building relationships. Now, where to begin building these strategic relationships...

1 - Joining relevant organizations (AFCEA, SECAF, NCMA, APMP, PSC,PTAP, SCORE, SBDC, NVTC, WIT, NDIA, etc.) attending their events as well as local chambers can all be helpful.

2 - Meeting with Federal OSDBU's to leverage their role in advocating for small business and set-asides will also help advance your goals.

3 - Look for Industry Days on and use our Resources Page for a more comprehensive list of organizations. It is at the events (face to face) where you will meet possible teaming partners, sub-contractors and Primes.

The power of a handshake will take you further in a shorter period of time than any unsolicited email.