Just Walk Away (11/12/2018)

November 12, 2018 - Federal contracting is competitive and comes with a long sales cycle.  The risk adverse federal government makes purchasing decisions based on several factors including price, relationship, past performance and simply meeting the qualifications.  FBO (Federal Business Opportunities) is the hub for finding RFP’s valued over $25,000.   It’s a public site which means, everyone and anyone can see the opportunities and also bid for the opportunities. Due to the sheer number of proposals being submitted, walking away and making a “no bid” decision is sometimes your best decision, particularly if you don’t (1) meet the requirement, (2) have the required past performance, (3) have prior knowledge of the opportunity or (4) any relationship that involved shaping the solicitation.  Refining your strategy to be proactive and filling your pipeline with opportunities that have the best ROI can go a long way.  Spending time, effort and running fire drills to meet proposal deadlines can be a waste of time and resources. Conversely, should you bid and make it to the short list, it’s important to know how the government evaluates you on price. Having this insight and perspctive can help you refine both your pricing strategy and your overall strategy.