How Well DO YOU KNOW Your Customer? (06/11/2018)

June 11, 2018 - Selling to the Federal Government is a big undertaking, but luckily public data is available. This data can help create or refine your strategy, indicate where & when to ramp up on resources and who to target for sub-contracting and partnering. Do you know.....

1 - WHO exactly buys your products/services;

2 - WHERE the procurement occurs;

3 - WHEN the procurement occurs;

4 - HOW MUCH $ is procured annually;

5 - HOW the procurements are awarded (competitive bid, sole source, GSA Schedule, set-aside, simplified acquisition, etc);

6 - WHO the winning contractors are (competitors &/or partners);

7 - Upcoming FORECAST for your product/service.

Not knowing - or not having this information puts you at a disadvantage. It makes you reactive to opportunities, rather than creating & shaping the RFP. Leveraging public procurement data to make strategic decisions keeps you ahead of the competition. Don't have time or know how?

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