How To Use The SBA Scorecard (04/16/2018)

April 16, 2018 - The SBA sets SMALL BUSINESS Contracting and Sub-Contracting annual goals. Federal Agencies aim to achieve ~24% direct with Small Businesses, while Prime Contractors aim to achieve ~36%. The goals are broken down further to include 5% for Women Owned and 5% for Disadvantaged with 3% for Veteran Owned and 3% for HUBZone. The SBA SCORECARD evaluates the Agencies and Prime Contractors. Use this data and intelligence to strategically target and win direct business with the Agencies as well as indirect Sub-Contracting opportunities. Target agencies who are likely to contract with your "set-aside designation" as well as agencies whose grade you can help to improve. Check out our Resources Section with this information and more to help fuel your strategy.