GSA Schedule vs SBA 8(a) Certification (07/30/2018)

July 30, 2018 - There are many marketing tools in federal contracting. Too often companies have the “build it and they will come” strategy and prematurely secure the GSA Schedule or 8(a) Certification. These are NOT your only options and neither is required. Market research, data and intelligence should be leveraged to determine your strategic path forward. A marketing plan should be in place BEFORE pursuing either.

Biggest pitfalls with GSA:

(1) - Trying to create a sales & marketing plan AFTER being on the Schedule.

(2) - Not understanding the pricing goals of GSA and disregarding due diligence on competitors pricing.

Biggest pitfalls with SBA 8(a):

(1) – Using the first few years of certification to understand federal contracting;

(2) – Not having relationships with similar 8(a) firms approaching graduation.

Which is better – GSA or 8(a)? It depends -- and the answer should be customized based on your customers preferences, as well as what will give you a strategic advantage. Always lead with your capabilities and use these marketing tools as an added bonus.

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