Gov Con KISS and Tell (08/06/2018)

August 8, 2018 - We are all familiar with the KISS model - Keep It Simple, Stupid. This was a design principle noted from the US Navy in 1960. The phrase was coined by spy aircraft engineer, Kelly Johnson of Lockheed Skunk Works. Rather than being all things to all people (impossible), contractors can benefit from simplifying capabilities and narrowing focus by "keeping it simple". Capability Statements should be clear and concise and reflect these limited offerings. Then, it's time to "tell" and market your expertise to the government contracting community. Tell your story by:

1 - Listing NAICS and description on your website, email signature and back of the business card;

2 - Networking within your industry as well as gov con related organizations;

3 - Registering on the applicable Prime Contractor website where sub-contracting is a natural fit;

4 - Identify potential partners who have a different footprint or compliment your offering;

5 - Pursue a contract vehicle (ie. GSA Schedule) that maps to your specific offering.

For help narrowing your focus and marketing your services or products to the US Federal Government, contact us.