Fishing for Feds (1/22/2019)

January 22, 2019 -

One of the top questions government contractors ask is how to get in touch with the federal buyers. Do your homework and figure out what is important to them, then connect your company’s offering to that need. Effective marketing programs use a variety of tactics to get name recognition, gather buyer intelligence and get their company on the radar for contracting officers, COTRs and project managers.

Once you have the meeting, what is the best way for you to provide ideas for the next RFP? It is to the Government’s advantage to consult with industry experts to get the most out of their contracting dollars.

If you have made genuinely helpful suggestions for RFP changes to the government – along with well-reasoned and honest justifications/rationales for those changes – you have put yourself in a much better position to be competitive.

Contributor – Jim Bender -- 2019