FED GOV Q4 - The Big Surge (06/04/2018)

June 4, 2018 - The Federal Government fourth quarter is quickly approaching. The months of July, August & September generally see the biggest spikes in spending due to the "use it or lose it" federal buying policy. The clock is ticking. Do you have the key components in place to win big in Q4?The characteristics that define the Q4 contract winners typically include companies that:

(1) have built a pipeline & relationships specific to the opportunity;

(2) have a contract vehicle or method for the buyer to purchase (ie. GSA Schedule, set-aside, sole source, etc.);

(3) have budgeted for a surge in resources (ie. capture & proposal professionals, etc.);

(4) have budgeted for post-award resources (ie. fulfillment, contract administration, financing to meet payroll, etc.)

(5) have analyzed internal prices & margins as well as conducted competitive analysis to make a bid/no bid decision;

(6) have followed the opportunity from it's infancy (Sources Sought, RFI) to a more mature status of RFP.

Don't be reactive when it comes to competing for federal contracts. Take steps to be proactive and help shape the solicitation so that you are positioned to win!