FBO & Love Songs (05/28/2018)

May 28, 2018 - We have all heard a beautiful love song and lingered on each word thinking, "wow, this was written just for me!!!". Well, so do millions of others. The same holds true on the popular public site FBO.gov, Federal Business Opportunities. Companies see RFP's posted and think it was written "just for them".

Upon further scrutiny, they may realize they do not meet all of the requirements, or do not have the correct contract vehicle or will not have enough time to prepare a compliant proposal by the due date. A few things to note about FBO:

(1) FBO.gov is migrating to SAM.gov (beta) soon!! (2) RFP's on FBO typically have been in the making for 12-24+ months. If you have not worked with the CO or Program Manager to shape this opportunity, you are out of luck. Consider not bidding. (3) RFP's on FBO are for procurements of $25k and above. There are millions of dollars worth of purchases taking place below the $25k threshold! (4) "Sources Sought" and "RFI's" are also posted on FBO. Consider responding to these, as this is the early stage of the government conducting market analysis. Begin building relationships at the beginning, not after the train has left the station. (5) We repeat, FBO is migrating to SAM.gov (beta)