Babies, Boats & GSA Schedules (08/20/2018)

August 20, 2018 - Boats and babies are A LOT of work. They require fuel, food and on-going maintenance and don't run on auto-pilot. The same can be said for GSA Schedules. Sometimes it's better to have a partner who holds the GSA Schedule - and the risk. Some considerations:

1 - 63% of GSA Schedule holders have 0 sales;

2 - GSA Schedules are only used about 10-15% of the time in federal purchases;

3 - GSA Schedules are predicated on your LOWEST prices;

4 - "Large" businesses on the GSA Schedule have a sub-contracting plan;

5 - Successful GSA Schedule holders have (a) conducted market research to understand this is the preferred method of acquisition for their customer base and (b) have a human involved for sales and developing business through the Schedule rather than relying on post-award E-Buy to fill the pipeline.

If you have the financial strength to put gas in the tank and your prospects have indicated that GSA is their preferred method of purchasing, then pull the trigger and set sail.