5 Questions To Ask BEFORE Pursuing A GSA Schedule (07/16/2018)

July 16, 2018 - The GSA Schedule is a coveted contracting vehicle or marketing tool. It is not required to do business with the federal government. Some questions you should ask BEFORE pursuing the Schedule are:

(1) - Do I have 3-4 customers who will buy from me specifically through the Schedule?

(2) Are my rates competitive with others on the GSA Schedule? Check https://www.gsaadvantage.gov , https://ssq.gsa.gov and https://calc.gsa.gov

(3) Do I meet (preferably exceed) the past performance requirements?

(4) Do I have sufficient revenue and full-time employees to satisfy GSA?

(5) Can I meet the GSA annual sales quota of $25,000 per year?

The most important factor is conducting in order to have intelligence to make an informed and strategic decision about pursuing the Schedule. This analysis will also help fill your pipeline, identify your customers and HOW they purchase. GSA Schedule is one of MANY options. It's not the only game in town, and in fact comes with risks, liabilities and pricing repercussions if companies are not careful.

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