101 Reasons To Pursue A GSA Schedule (08/27/2018)

August 28, 2018 - GSA Schedules are powerful marketing tools only and not only that, but GSA is one of the best marketers out there - so much so that many companies mistakenly believe that's it is required to do business with the government. IT IS NOT! Some advantages a GSA Schedule will add to your toolkit include:

1 - Shows you are a serious contender and have met GSA standards with regards to past performance and price;

2 - Dedicated RFP's that can be seen by your eyes only (and others within your SIN);

3 - Ubiquitous purchasing tool used across all federal agencies;

4 - Limits your competition;

5 - Direct awards without competition can be made (dollar limits per SIN);

6 - Can be grandfathered in for State Contracts in Texas (see TXMAS) and California (see CMAS) and other participating states;

7 - Can be used by quasi-government entities including The Red Cross, The World Bank, IMF, IFC and more;

8 - Schedule 70 and Schedule 84 are part of cooperative purchasing allowing State & Local Governments to purchase using GSA.

GSA is not an auto-pilot tool. It needs TLC and a marketing plan, as do all of your federal opportunities. With a plan in place, federal Q4 should be the most lucrative time for contractors, particularly with the help of a contract vehicle such as the GSA Schedule.